Review in IMDB. Kes is a film I was aware about all the way back to when I was at school (it was made the year after I was born)but i never got around to seeing it until now and boy am I pleased I did. Rarely is there a film that exudes charm like Kes. The acting is not brilliant, neither is the script but that is what makes this film such a joy. It made me feel I was back at school amongst the self important jumped up teachers and the cruel kids. It made me remember the times when I was a teenager that I didnt care for at the time yet it also made me long to be that age again! The story is of a young lad who through having a bad time at school and with his family he finds solice in training a young bird of prey. David bradley (Casper) is excellent, as is Brian Glover as the P.E teacher who likes to think he is Bobby Charlton. The scene when he takes the boys out to play football is brilliant . The cinemetography is superb and the haunting music contributes to what can only be described as Very good movie. 8 out of 10. 

Interview with David Bradley

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